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Are you a Beach Babe? Represent with one of our Living life In The Sun car decals!

Made from high quality weather resistant vinyl. 

How to apply:

1. Clean car window with window cleaner and lint-free towel.
2. Allow car window to dry completely or vinyl will not adhere. We recommend waiting 10 minutes after cleaning and drying the area before applying the decal. 
3. Carefully separate paper backing from clear transfer tape. Go slowly, ensuring the vinyl remains attached to the clear transfer tape and not the paper backing. 
4. Hold taught and place the clear transfer tape with vinyl decal on the clean window where desired.
5. Use ball of fist to rub the vinyl onto the window using a firm circular rubbing technique. 
6. Carefully and slowly peel the clear transfer tape away from the window, leaving the vinyl decal behind. 
7. Enjoy your sweet new decal!


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