Otterly Basic | Lightweight Beach Towel

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Sunny the sea otter is just so basic, but she owns it like a champ. Look at her, rocking those pearls and that bow like it's nobody's business. If you're lucky, you'll spot her on any given Sunday, sipping her Pumpkin Spice Latte while floating through the Sarasota Bay to meet her crew for some crab cake eggs benny. 

Beach Towel With Saying: Otterly Basic 


30” x 62” Beach Towel

Sublimated microfiber velour

100% Polyester


This is a packable lightweight beach towel. For anyone who frequents the beach often, you know the struggle of carrying toys, towels, sunscreen bottles, sunglasses, coolers, snacks, etc.! Especially if you have kids and need to lug several towels with you! These towel are microfiber on the printed side, and terry on the other - making them great at absorbing moisture without all the extra bulk! These towels are also great for packing multiples in suitcases when traveling! 


Note: I send my design to a print shop to have this item created after you place your order. The print shop may take between 6-12 days to create the item before dropping it in the mail, depending on how many orders they already have (consider if it is a holiday season). Please allow for this extra production time when making your order. Thank you for supporting us and Living Life In The Sun!