South Lido Beach

South Lido Beach

Tim and I have spent the past TWO weekends at South Lido Park - YES it's that great!

South Lido Park offers everything you need for a day of fun in the sun! They have ample parking, clean bathrooms, and a foot washing station - big plusses for me! They also have picnic tables, charcoal grills, and a volley ball court in the park area beneath the trees - great for throwing a birthday party or grilling out with friends! But, the best part, IMO, is of course... THE BEACH!

South Lido Park is located at the southernmost tip of Lido Key. This means, you get to enjoy a beautiful beach that wraps all the way around from Sarasota Bay to the Gulf of Mexico! This provides stunning views of the city skyline across the bay as well as breathtaking ocean views as far as the eye can see. You can't be disappointed with a day at South Lido Beach.

We have found that we like to begin our adventures at South Lido on the Bay side, taking in the scenery as we make our way around to the Gulf.

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You'll probably spot some cranes and egrets along your walk. We got lucky and happened across a sea urchin shell!

The end of the key seems to be a hot spot for fishing, and the pass is a great place to watch kayakers, jet skiers, and boaters pass by.

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Then, our sweet spot! Across from what will either be a damp crater or shallow pool - depending on the time of day you arrive, you'll find what is becoming our favorite spot to set up camp! We love this spot because the beach is always sparsely crowded here and the water is clear and waist deep for a good ways out. I do want to warn you though - the current here can be strong, especially earlier in the day, so be cautious especially if you have children with you! If the current is strong, move down the beach toward the hotels and check back later - we have found that the current weakens as the day progresses.

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If the weather is right - you'll have shallow, calm, and crystal clear waters to play in! We have found this to be an excellent location for shelling! You can easily fill your bucket from the beach or by picking them up in the shallow clear waters. If you have goggles you can find tons of whole Florida Fighting Conch shells! These shells tend to be half buried in the sand in the waist deep waters.

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Do be on the lookout for any occupants before taking the shells though! There are plenty of empty shells that you shouldn't need to evict any of our animal friends! If you do come across an occupied shell, do us a favor and return it where you found it. :)

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