Party Boat Fishing - Galveston, TX

Party Boat Fishing - Galveston, TX

With father's day right around the corner, I decided this #TravelTuesday I'd reminisce on a fishing trip I took with my dad last year. It was literally the best father/daughter day EVER!

We decided to book a 12 hour deep sea party boat trip and found one through Galveston Party Boats Inc. ( It cost $90 per person, and as is customary with party boats, it included use of a fishing rod, bait, and a crew who assisted us throughout the day. If you book one of these trips, remember to bring cash to tip the crew members!


The boat was scheduled to head out at 7:30am, so we were up before the sun and down on the docks by 6:30am! See the coffee mugs in our hands? Coffee, lots and lots of coffee. :)


The boat was nice - it was big enough to hold about 100 or so, had an air conditioned cabin, bathrooms (of course!), and a little galley where a lady was serving up some delicious smelling foods!

The ride out took about 4 hours, and somewhere around hour 2.5 the seasickness was setting in - EVERYWHERE! People were yacking off the sides of the boat and laying all over the benches. You would have thought there was an outbreak of some quick spreading pathogen and death was surely imminent. My dad and I had brought some "non-drowsy" Dramamine, which we had mistakenly chose to bring rather than take before we left. Mistakenly.

Fortunately, we saw the err of our ways before we ended up chumming with the others. We took the pills after just starting to get nauseated and it kept us from getting any worse. Note to self - always take Dramamine before a long boat trip.

Once we arrived at the first fishing spot, we walked out of the cabin and saw the deepest blue waters. It was absolutely magnificent. If you've ever seen Galveston's beaches, you'd probably use the words "chocolate milk" to describe it. There was certainly no cocoa in these waters - only dazzling sapphire.

We all went outside and the deck hands filled these troughs with chunks of squid for us to use as bait. We dropped our hooks straight down and I kid you not, it was a bad day to be a fish because we were hooking them left and right!

It seemed as though the moment we dropped our bait we would get a bite! We were catching some pretty big fish too!

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After 4 hours of fishing a few different spots, it was time to head home. Those 4 hours had gone by so fast, but that's what happens when you're having fun I guess.

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We had a 4 hour ride back home which was a perfect way to end such an exciting day. The views were spectacular and it felt great to sit in the breeze and take it all in. As we neared the bay, the sun began to set, lending to some even more spectacular views.

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Back at the dock we retrieved our fish and took photos of the big catches they had hung on the front of the boat. Then we wobbled our way back onto dry land, which felt as though it was a massive boat, rocking and bumping with the waves.

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There were some local guys on the dock who were offering to scale and filet people's fish for a small price. It was an offer we took them up on, after such a long day in the sun it was well worth it. Once they finished, we took our fish filets and headed home. We were exhausted but fulfilled - and according to my mother who greeted us at the door, incredibly foul smelling. That's how you know it was a good time!