Feeding The Flamingos - Sarasota Jungle Gardens

Feeding The Flamingos - Sarasota Jungle Gardens

Recently, my Grandmother was in for a visit and we decided to take her to Sarasota Jungle Gardens to feed the flamingos!

Grandma had never fed flamingos before, and this was a trip all about firsts! We really enjoyed our day at the park. We started out in the reptile room, checked out some baby alligators, and then headed over for a presentation where we learned a little about some of the animals the park has. This is a great way to introduce your elementary aged children to learning more about the animal kingdom! I will warn you though, don't sit at the front if you don't like snakes!

After the presentation was finished, we took grandma over to have her picture taken holding a baby alligator! Another first for her! Tim held a snake, and I mustered up enough courage to hold a baby parrot - LOL! I would share these photos with you, but Grandma is shy and I want to respect her privacy. It was an extra $10 for the picture, but it was totally worth it to have such a great memory to take home!

The park also had a time period where you could hold parrots and other tropical birds without any additional fees, which is nice!

The highlight of the park though... FLAMINGOS!

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These guys were a real treat! They walked around in a cluster honking and flipping their heads back and forth like flamingoes do, which is absolutely ridiculous LOL! They truly "gave no flocks" about us or our food at first, not wanting to eat our kibbles and trying to bypass the volunteer flamingo herder and leave their area - she had her hands full HAHAHA! It really was a spectacle, and I would happily go back just to spend the day with the flamingos. Eventually we did find a hungry one and it ate the food right out of our hands which was a fantastic experience!

It's a small park, the most memorable part really is the flamingo area, so if you aren't into flamingos it may not be your cup of tea. But really, who isn't into flamingos?!? It was a great experience that Grandma and I really enjoyed and I would definitely recommend it for kids who are old enough that they wouldn't be scared to feed the animals.