Bahia Honda State Park - FL Keys

Bahia Honda State Park - FL Keys

Last #TravelTuesday I shared about our trip to Key West and how, while it was a great trip and fun place to visit, the beaches just didn't live up to my expectations. I also happened to mention that Bahia Honda State Park is home to several beaches that are an absolute must-see if you're visiting the keys! 

This #TravelTuesday is all about Bahia Honda State Park! This park has it all - exquisite beaches, kayak rentals, excellent snorkeling, fishing, a small trail, a historic bridge, breathtaking views, bathrooms and showers to rinse off sand, and a snack shack! You can even bring a tent or RV and set up camp right in the park! 

There are entry fees for the park, but they are well worth it! You can find more info on that here:

We planned to stop in Bahia Honda State Park on the way to Key West since we would be passing it anyway. It's about an hour drive from the park to Key West. Since the beaches were so beautiful, we actually came back another day and spent the whole day there. 

On the first stop, we explored Sandspur Beach. The Ranger at the front gate told us it was the nicest one, and it didn't disappoint. The water was clear, calm, and shallow - perfect for relaxing and letting your stress float away! 



We noticed there was a lot of seagrass on the beach and floating in the water. There were signs posted that told us they don't remove it because it helps preserve the beaches from erosion and also provides a natural habitat for sea creatures that are necessary for the ecosystem. The grass really didn't deter from the beauty, in fact it added to it in my opinion. :)




Tim really enjoyed snorkeling in the seagrass growing in the shallow waters. He saw a lot of very large conch and some cool fish! 



The second day we spent at Bahia Honda State Park, we posted up at the very end of the key, past Loggerhead Beach. We got there early and staked out a prime spot under the shade of the trees! 



We had an excellent view of a little island that we had hoped to kayak out to, unfortunately it was a semi-windy day and the kayaks weren't being rented. Next time!




We spent the day snorkeling and relaxing in the shallow water and then explored the short trail and the accessible parts of the old bridge. The views from up there were priceless!



We had a great time relaxing and snorkeling at Bahia Honda State park! It's definitely a place I hope to revisit! :)